Joy Riding - limited edition handcoloured lino print 3/9

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Magical garden come to life!
In her heart patterned dress, this joyful woman dances through giant orange flowers and white butterflies, on the back of a frolicking black cat. (And here’s a little secret – it takes quite a knack to lino print a perfectly black cat!) Ideal for adventurous women dancing through life.

I make Limited Edition Lino Prints by first carving a design into a piece of linoleum, then rolling the lino with ink, and then pressing this onto paper. To see an example picture of that go to my website here:
and have a look at my FAQ.

Then I colour the lino print, by hand, with Winsor and Newton Artists’ Watercolour paints. The lino prints are known as 'limited edition' because I only make a limited number of them, usually between 5 and 20 prints and then no more, ever again! You can tell how many I have made of your print by looking for the number written in the bottom left of the print.

Once I’ve created the lines, I do all my colouring with Winsor and Newton Artists’ Watercolours. When creating my original art, I use Archival quality watercolour paper, usually 100% cotton Arches paper from France.

Copyright remains with the artist.



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