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Your Focus Quote. Illustrated just for you.

Do you have an inspiring thought or quote you've chosen to keep in mind & heart this Year?

A focus quote supports you to succeed in your intentions, and can be more flexible, adaptable and rich than you might initially expect.

Bring your resonant quote to life, with a custom bold illustration lettered and decorated just for you, by yours truly. The flowers and other patterns intrigue your eye, as your heart and mind are lovingly galvanised towards your intention.

These are outline, black pen drawings on white, suitable to colour in, or, keep as is. Either way, very graphic! Whether you colour inside, outside or beside the lines, I hope you enjoy the motivation of this started-for-you word art. Can’t wait to see your happy colours, and hear your feedback!

You can hang your quote in your hallway, attach to the fridge, or blu-tak it near your screen for inspiration. Other great places for your decorated words include: on your mirror, beside your bed, or the inside of the door so it's the final thing you see as you head out into the world. 

In this busy world, your home is a wonderful base to support you doing your own personal growth work!

Illustrated Winston Churchill quote


"This classic quote has been a guiding light for me this year"
~ Meg


How this will work

Sign up today to save your place in my illustrating queue!

As you make your purchase, copy/paste the quote you want illustrated into the Notes Section at check out, including who wrote or said it - and I'll get your illustration started for you. Note that word limits may apply, so you're welcome to check with me first whether your quote is suitable for this technique/dimension. The above example gives a sense of an appropriate length.

On that note, while I get a workflow established, I'm offering just 5 spots to begin with!

Your Favourite Quotation PDF

I'll email you a PDF (Portable Document Format, suitable for both Mac and PC) of your chosen quote or other words, decorated. 

The download will be a full page of lettering and illustration ready for you to print out. 

Your PDF will be sized at A4, that's 210mm x 297mm, or approximately 8" x 11.5". Print out on a medium/heavy paper your printer can manage!

There will be at least 10mm of white space at the edges of the page so none of the drawing gets cut off – which as you know can be a pitfall of even modern home printing devices.



Quirky Artist Drawings for Modern Hippies 

Why me (Tangerine Meg)? 

As long as I can remember I've been curious about affirmations and positivity. More recently, I've acknowledged the power of starting and moving through a year with chosen intentions, and the magnetism and power of verbal and visual prompts and decorations. 

I love drawing, well-chosen words and cues to motivation, and came up with this when enjoying and learning from other people's relatable inspiring words. I knew this was a service I could embrace. I've done several for myself and my mailing list people - and decided to offer my drawing to others for their own spaces and intentions. 

A well-chosen set of words decorated to intrigue the eye affirms the spirit. I'm happy to support you bringing your hopes and dreams to life, putting my energy and creativity towards your intentions, making them even more powerful. 

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Meg x o



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