Digital Fine Art Print - Cat Art


Digital Fine Art Prints are created by taking a high quality digital scan of the original and then printing the image on FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) Certified, 55% recycled, carbon neutral A4 paper. Digital Fine Art Prints are shipped unframed, flat in a cellophane sleeve and protective rigid envelope.

*Note* When ordering your print, select from the drop down text menu. Clicking on the picture displays the image, but doesn't select it for your order.

Farewell Captain Whitepaws: Fond purr-y memories translated into love and beauty.

Jeffrey's Garden: What a sunny spot Jeffrey, our black and white tuxedo-ed friend, has found! Surrounded by nasturtiums and plenty of calming blue and patterns, he's ensconced on the warm Spring soil.

Thea: Named for the rainbow goddess, this dreamy rainbow feline's tail twitches as the moths brush lightly by! This joyous piece brings brightness, thoughtfulness and an inclusive welcome to your hallway!

Oreo's Patchwork: Warm patterned cat on patterned quilt on a rainy day!

Florence: Florence Cat came to visit from the dimension where everyone is draped in fresh florals and the air is saturated with the cheerful distinct scent of nasturtiums. This is a wonderful image for a smiling-eyed bold soul who wants to invite colourful energy into their space to remind them of their connection with natures complex beauty and generous abundance.

Nocturne: The delights of a sparkling evening with Zinnia the blue cat and moths.

Content: Orange Cat showing us how to settle down get comfortable on a gorgeous blanket knitted by my husband's then-92 year old grandmother (she's now over 100 - go her!)

Teal'c: Handsome shorthair named for the warrior in Stargate. (You know you've met a kindred spirit when they name their cats after Stargate characters, don't you?)

Spring Rainbow: Reflection, and hope for a brand new season.

Floraline: Floral + Feline = Floraline. Garlanded cat in the garden, surrounded by nasturtiums and backed by prayer flags and a (legally acquired) old bus stop.

Sky in the Garden: Sky has her very own moon. Painted in tribute to Magritte.

Cat and Cushion: The colours, the comfortable spot. Cats show us how to take one moment at a time, don't they?

Striped Cat of Stripey Joy: The frolicsome joy of scampering through the poppies. Happy Day!

Black and White Cat in the Garden: Beloved smart family friend, her coat so graphic :)

Nutmeg: Here's the one-line or one-word-per-line poem by Wolis that sowed the seed:

I like Nutmeg very much he is a cat with a tail of magic and happiness is all Nutmeg likes me.

Cat and Cosmos: Delicious Spring garden envelopes our feline friend with sweet cosmos blossom!

Harli: Happy harlequin-clad garden companion with prayer flags fluttering overhead :)

Night Jungle: Which came first? The rambling luscious vine, or the story?

Welcome: New kitty family member arrived in a tsunami of love and inclusion.

Myo's Garden: Forget not slender Myo in her sunflower patch

Sparkle and Blossom: Remember "Hook" with Robin Williams, talking to the Lost Boys? "The big ones look after the little ones". While making this piece I was thinking about taking care of people less lucky than ourselves, and the different ways families can look.

Cosy: Snuggled amongst the colors of the quilt and draped in blossoming tendrils ... what a great reminder to accept nurturing from our surrounds!

Elizabet's Camellias: A Russian Blue Cat named Elizabet after my friend who brought beautiful garden camellias.



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