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Tangerine Meg's Print of the Month for February 2018 is:


"Florence bloomed into being, with her forget-me-not mantle and sparkling green eyes, visiting from the dimension where everyone is draped in fresh florals and the air is saturated with the distinct scent of nasturtiums.  

This is a wonderful image for a smiling-eyed bold soul who wants to invite to remind themselves of their connection with natures complex beauty and persistent abundance. Florence brings to you the generous ambiance of the nasturtiums lapping and swaying around her, offering relaxing happy vibes to your bedroom or office."

The limited edition giclee print edition of *Florence* will be capped at just 25 prints or available throughout the month unless sold out first.

These prints are superb reproductions of my artwork, produced in strictly limited editions, printed with archival pigment ink on gorgeous acid free paper, and hand-numbered and signed by yours truly. Paper size is A3 (297mm x 420mm or about 11.5" by 16.5") allowing white space around the image for mount board &/or framing, and easy framing with standard frame sizes.

Everyone's prints will be produced and packed at the end of the month once all the orders are in - or when the limit of 25 is reached, whichever is first - so your print will wing it's way to you then. (Longer than my usual 2 day time frame!)

For shipping, your print will be backed with foam core, enveloped in a crystal clear cellophane bag, packaged sturdily for protection in the mail, then mailed with tracking.

Note the beta price tag - it won't be a forever thing!

Love Meg x o


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PS2 Message me if you have a favourite piece you'd like to see as Print of the Month in future!



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