Collected: Still Life with Feathers - one of a kind watercolour

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Do you collect seemingly random little items, that nobody else quite gets your enthusiasm for or how they're connected? Me too!

Here's a group of feathers, leaves & a vintage saucer along with a USB stick, an Indian wooden printing block, a shell embedded rock and an encouraging eraser! 


If this has already gone to a good home - there's only one! - go on my mailing list for first dibs on the next painting (plus you get the member's key to our secret download library and other neat stuff)!

One of a Kind Watercolour paintings are 100% original and unique paintings. If you love owning and/or gifting bold art pieces that you know for sure no one else will have, these are for you.

I create the hand-drawn lines with light-fast water-resistant Art Spectrum ink and an old-fashioned 'dip pen'. Once I’ve created the lines, I do all my colouring with Winsor and Newton Artists’ Watercolours. When creating my original art, I use Archival quality watercolour paper, usually 100% cotton Arches paper from France.

This image is about  21 cm wide x 32 cm high (9" x 12.5") and the paper itself has ample room for framing with a window mount! Framing adds around 10 - 12cm (4") on all sides, more at the bottom.

I recommend ordering Unframed if it's coming to you via the postal service/s - this saves us both money on postage, reduces the chance of damage, and gives you the chance to support a local framing artisan too. Here's a free download about the basics: "How Do I Frame my Lino Print?"
If you can meet me at a market stall to pick up, I can arrange professional framing for you for $130.



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