Paintings and Lino Prints

If you (or your giftee) want something that nobody else has, a hand coloured lino print or painting might just the thing! Thoughtfully chosen art is a real keeper for a wedding, engagement, graduation or 21st gifts.

I make my lino prints in small limited editions, and my happy watercolours are one of a kind. All are on 100% cotton rag paper from France, and created with archival materials. 

Click through to the painting or print you like. #firstinbestdressed

I recommend ordering Unframed if it's coming to you via the postal service/s - this reduces likelihood of damage, saves us both money on postage, and gives you the chance to support a local framing artisan.
If you can meet me at an art market stall to pick up, I can arrange professional framing for you, for $130. If you'll need to use the postal service, add another $250 to cover shipping and a Custom Art With Care box. 

Cup and Saucer with Blossom
Sale $395.00 Regular price $435.00 Sale
25-100 Almond Blossom Cat
Sale $395.00 Regular price $435.00 Sale
Spirit of Autumn in a Maxi Dress - hand coloured lino prints
Sale $235.00 Regular price $395.00 Sale
Cat and Cushion - hand coloured lino print
On Sale from $215.00 Regular price $395.00 Sale
Thriving - hand coloured lino print
Sale $230.00 Regular price $395.00 Sale
Three Mandarins - hand coloured lino print
Sale $235.00 Regular price $395.00 Sale
Still Life with Jorum - limited edition lino print
Sale $185.00 Regular price $395.00 Sale



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