Cat and Cushion - hand coloured lino print

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Stripey Cat’s unassuming personality and sweet presence brought light and grace to our colourful home. His relaxed pose and pretty markings inspired me to make this image, when he was sleeping amongst our textured, patterned sofa fabrics.

Are you cat and colour obsessed? Me too!
The rich colour scheme and chilled cat bring warmth, richness and *happy place* to your space. Perhaps for a bedroom or hallway or to add life to that little space between the mudroom and the kitchen?


This is a limited edition totalling just 9 hand coloured prints and a colour trial. If you love owning and/or gifting bold art pieces that just 9 other people on the entire planet will have, this is for you! As of this writing there are 7 of the original edition remaining unframed and a colour trial print... 

I make limited edition lino prints by first carving a design into a piece of linoleum, then rolling the lino with ink, and then pressing this onto paper.
Once I’ve created the lines, I do all my colouring with Winsor and Newton Artists’ Watercolours. When creating my original art, I use Archival quality watercolour paper, usually 100% cotton Arches paper from France.

The dimensions of this image are about 30cm x 30cm (approx 12" x 12"), and there is ample paper around that for mounting and framing. Good framing adds around 10 - 12cm (5") on all sides, more at the bottom.

I recommend ordering Unframed if it's coming to you via the postal service/s - this saves us both money on postage, and gives you the chance to support a local framing artisan, too. [Hesitant to manage framing locally? Download my new art collectors introduction to the basics.]
If you meet me at a market stall to pick up, I can arrange professional framing for you in about 2-3 weeks. 
Love Meg x o
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