Digital Fine Art Print - Flowers & Food & Still Lifes


Digital Fine Art Prints are created by taking a high quality digital scan of the original and then printing the image on FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) Certified, 55% recycled, carbon neutral A4 paper. Digital Fine Art Prints are shipped unframed, flat in a cellophane sleeve and protective rigid envelope.

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Flowers, Food and Still Lifes

Bottle with Bottlebrush: Rainbow-y still life with Australian bottlebrush in a red glass bottle.

Delicious: Tangy green delicious apples on the crumpled geometry of a blue zig zag pattern

Pomegranate in blue and white bowl: Mother Nature delights with her warm rich colour palette :)

Early Figs in Blue & White Bowl: Sweet, sweet late Summer figs in a happy patterned bowl.

Nasturtiums in Jam Jar: Garden and pattern exuberance!

Collection: Still Life with Feathers: Do you have a collection of seemingly random objects that you're just drawn to? Me, too :)

Violets from Judy: Judy gave me these violets (including shiny reflective jar) at a local market. When placed upon a vintage scarf I'd inherited from a travelling Great Aunt, they called to me with their petals and leaves and their heady scent.

Nasturtiums in Handmade Glass: Generous nasturtiums and their stems in a light catching hand made glass drew me in before I drew them!

Garden Flowers (Reds): A handful of Spring nasturtiums and sweet peas into a clear jar, again with an inherited patterned scarf. Note the pea pods, and nasturtium seeds in the lower right of the painting.

Nasturtium Garden: Sometimes I wish I were a magically tiny person, whose jungle was a riot of nasturtiums, daisies, ranunculus...

Still Life with Lily Tin: An old pretty lily decorated tin on fabric from one of a long ago sewing project.

Still Life with Goblet: It's all about patterns and reflections!

Broccoli and Gingham: I was having a moment with the amazingness of the broccoli - or is it broccolini? - fresh from the Farmers Market, & decided gingham would be a great companion for it. Terrific print for a kitchen or sunny eating area.

Sacred Cow: This image that begun as a still life with a child's toy, has prompted reactions including a Yeats poem and breastfeeding imagery. What does it make you think of?

Mandarins, a Pear and Patterns: Vibrant freshness from the Farmers Market, with a landscape like companion of fabric stripes and patterns. Creates a lovely bright spot in a kitchen.

Pink Bowl and Red Strawberries: The pink metal bowl was a delightful gift from a friend, and strawberry season was upon us (near Christmas time in Australia). The rich yummy colours beckoned to be together.

Still Life with Peppers and Patterns: Autumn red capsiums kept guard while the pattern escaped from the vase and rioted over the nearby surfaces.

Beach Memories: This picture was started in 1992! The title refers not only to the collected shells and a big seagull feather, but to the passing of time and how art can keep treasured memories alive.

Citrus, Stripes and Scarf: Flowery scarf plays off the striped bowl and zesty citrus.

Sage in Wedgewood: Classic inherited vintage posy vase holds the wisdom of a handful of garden sage.

Hairy Kiwifruit, Spiky Dragon: Breakfast plate with tangy kiwifruit ready to devour.

Mandarins in Hydrangea Bowl: Peace doves dart around this thrifted hydrangea bowl, which in turn holds vibrant mandarins. You can almost taste them!

Capsicums on Vintage Plate: Vintage plate colours and curves to show off Mother Nature's exquisite bold colourings.

Vincent's Surprise Guavas: Who knew we could successfully grow tropical guavas in Adelaide! I believe Vincent Van Gogh - his favourite colours were reputed to be blue and yellow - might have known :)



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