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Digital Fine Art Prints are created by taking a high quality digital scan of the original and then printing the image on FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) Certified, 55% recycled, carbon neutral A4 paper. Digital Fine Art Prints are shipped unframed, flat in a cellophane sleeve and protective rigid envelope.

*Note* When ordering your print, select from the drop down text menu. Clicking on the picture lets you see the image, but does not make it selected it for your order.

Cuss like sailors, Hug like Angels: On the spectrum of femininity, we all fall where we fall (and who's business is it anyway?) On a delightful and inspiring podcast conversation between the marvellous Catherine Caine and wonderful Kyeli Smith, they decided they "Cuss like sailors" and "Hug like angels"! #friendship

Friends: Luka, Pace and Joy (Light, Peace and Joy): New friends, friends we've know seemingly forever, unexpected friends ... friendship is so precious! 

Winging It: The meaning of this print started with one thing, and means a different thing to each viewer, from an idea taking off to a child leaving you with an empty nest... what does it symbolise to you?

Spring Feet: Happy to Be Here.

Thriving: A celebration on a Summer day, under ripe satsumas, realising that making things and ideas are wonderful avenues for creativity. There's more to it - long story - I'll tell you in person!

Thank You, Piggies: Many like the flying pig angel in the corner, though this begun as a thyroid picture - see how rugged up I am? Read the blog post of The Making Of, here (in which I also dressed up as Frida Kahlo).

Joie de Vivre: It's French for Joy of Life... The warmth and exuberance our personal inner joy - with an orange feline familiar!

Joy Riding: Freedom, tini-ness and a heart patterned dress.

Rainbow Lady: Great picture for the door of a bold soul, or bold soul in the making.

Spirit of Autumn in a Maxi Dress: She breezed into my life, one gusty Autumn day, whooshing and swooping, bringing change and happiness.

Girl Welcoming Rain: During a long, hot Adelaide Summer, the longing for the first drought breaking drops of rain was immense!

Soul Garden: The cat and person curves align as too the feline purrs rumble and remind us of the star stuff inside us. And the universe.

First Fig: Inspired by Sylvia Plath life choices prose. Blog post with the complete story coming soon...



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