Winging It - Limited Edition Hand Painted Lino Print

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This could mean:

  • A life that left us before it's time.
  • A business idea that's about ready to fly.
  • A final child leaving for college and independence.

What do you see in it?

You're accompanied by blue sky and sunflowers for a bright future, and sage for wisdom.

This is a poignant piece for bedroom or office, or a focal point for your Works on Paper Wall above the lounge.


Though this is a Limited Edition Lino Print, the mere 9 prints in this edition are uniquely handpainted Watercolors. If you love owning and/or gifting bold art pieces that only a handful of people on the entire planet will have, this is for you.

I make limited edition lino prints by first carving a design into a piece of linoleum, then rolling the lino with ink, and then pressing this onto paper.
Once I’ve created the lines, I do all my colouring with Winsor and Newton Artists’ Watercolours. When creating my original art, I use Archival quality watercolour paper, usually 100% cotton Arches paper from France.

The dimensions of this image are about 30cm x 23cm (12" x 9"), and there is ample paper around that for mounting and framing. Good framing adds around 10 - 12cm (5") on all sides, more at the bottom.

Lino print is shipped unframed - this saves us both money on postage, and you can support your local framing artisan.



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